Kit Sension+ PH31 GLP completo misuratore di pH da banco avanzato per uso generico

Codice articolo: LPV2110T.98.002
EUR Prezzo: Contatti

Laboratory GLP meter with universal pH and temperature electrode. For general aqueous applications.
An all in one system with guided menu navigation makes general electrochemistry testing fast and simple. Each system is designed to be used in a wide variety of applications and comes complete with everything you need to start testing.
Includes magnetic stirrer, sensor holder, solutions (pH 4, pH 7, pH 9 and KCl), calibration flasks with magnetic stirring bar and user manual.

  • Comprehensive Lab station
  • Reproducable conditions, easy to use.
  • Low consumable demand.
  • Misure rapide per elevato numero di campioni con opzione di automazione da laboratorio.
  • Precise and cost-efficient system.