Orbisphere GA2400 Stainless Steel Oxygen Sensor (EC) for 6110 TPO Analyser, 40 bar, EPDM O-rings

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Highly accurate and customisable oxygen measurement for all environments

The Orbisphere GA2400 oxygen (O₂) Electrochemical (EC) sensor is designed for process monitoring as well as laboratory analysis in the liquid or gas phases across.
With its large measuring possibilities the Orbisphere GA2400 O₂ EC-sensor can be used for a wide range of applications from beer or soft-drinks production to rinsing of semiconductor waters in chip-manufacturing plants, reactor coolant systems in nuclear power plants, or any place where oxygen measurement is critical.
A small residual signal with unrivalled accuracy (± 0.1 ppb) is made possible by the exclusive sensor design. Different pre-mounted membrane kits are available to fulfill any particular process requirements and O₂ measurement ranges required.

The stainless steel Orbisphere GA2400-S00T O₂ electrochemical sensor for 6110 TPO analyser is mechanically resistant to pressure up to 40 bar.

  • Easy and fast maintenance
  • Low level oxygen measurement and unrivaled accuracy
  • Robust for harsh environments